Salta, where is that you ask

In the North Eastern corner of Argentina is the region of Salta and the city of Salta.  It is not too far from the border with Bolivia.

It is hot and dry during the dry season and you guessed it raining and wet in the wet season.  There are only two seasons in this region, wet and dry.  I travelled in the dry season and it was hot but a dry heat.  Not humid like I am use to back home.  Air conditioning is ones friend up here.

The history of this region dates back pre – Spanish, pre-Inca, it is rich in archeology ruins and geographical wonders.  The Spanish spoken in the region is slower and for those of us who are learning it is a great place to visit for that reason alone.

I enjoyed visiting this region and did not have enough time to fully explore and experience everything that there is to do.  History and geography are subjects that I find fascinating and this region has both.  Plus wine making in La Cafayate.



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