First blog post – let me introduce myself

Yes, I have a blog already but this is for my photography.  It will have the photographs that I take on my travel adventures plus challenges I will set each month.  The hope is that I will increase my knowledge and skills in this amazing craft.

Some could say that I am about to become an empty nester.  My children are reaching an age of independence. With that it is time for me to spread my wings and indulge in the things that I am passionate about.  Yes, travel and photography.  The year is almost up but it is time to have a Wintery White Christmas instead of Sunny Summery Christmas.  as they say swapping my jandals for skis.

Next year will bring more travelling and with that more photos.

My work is unedited, these are the photos are what I captured.   As I get better I may try some photo editing but not at the moment.

Still learning as each day presents something new, highlighting details that I did not see before or how the light falls onto a object.

Join me on this journey of discovery through photography and travel.


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