Continuing to Learn

The more I learn about photography the more I realise there is more to learn.  Learning is an ongoing processing of challenging what we know with new and fresh ideas to take what we do to another level.

I was fortunate to attend a wildlife and bird photography workshop facilitated by Henry Cook and David Stowe of Flock Wildlife in Capertee, New South Wales, Australia in early September.  As a photography it was great to be learning from award-winning photographers who love what they do and very willing to share their knowledge and love of the Australian wildlife with us.

Before this weekend I had not used Lightroom as my editing tool as the photos that I have displayed on this site, Facebook and Instagram were as taken.  What I learnt was that with minimal adjustment my photos looked much better.  Still have more practice with this tool but one has to start somewhere.

The feature image and the one below are male and female (respectively) Spotted Pardalotes.  During the morning these two would take turns sitting on the branch for us and stayed for some time.  I was lucky that David was right beside me talking to me about the shot and what the background could be if I moved slowly around.  Seeing the end results makes me very happy with these images.



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