I’m dreaming of a White Christmas

Large fluffy snowflakes filled the morning sky as we woke on Christmas morning.  During the night snow had fallen and everything had turned white.


Paraty, Brazil

Step back into a by gone era of Colonial rule of Brazil.  The old shipping warehouses first converted into housing for locals and now into shops, bars and restaurants.  The old part of town is closed to motorised vehicles which is great being able to walk around exploring the beautiful buildings.  

I left my Heart in Peru

Yes, I fell in love with a country.  Never before have I felt bereft as I left a country before. Although this is not the country of my birth or ancestors, I felt a deep connection.  My other WordPress blog (traveladventureswithjules) goes into more details if you are interested but here are some of the …

Iguazu Falls

A majestic display of Mother Nature at her finest. Igauzu Falls is must do holiday destination.  Having the opportunity to see the falls from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides, it is incredible to witness the sheer volume of water flowing over the falls.